Manifest Series by has launched a Manfiest series which concentrates on issues facing Black men and boys. The series spearheaded by the website will feature articles, videos, and whatever you bring to the table! To learn more about Manifest and possibly submit click here.I had the esteemed pleasure to co-moderate a Sunday afternoon conversation with a room full of talented, diverse, and insightful Black men. I shared directing the conversation with Jamilah Lemieux – Lifestyle Editor (and the blogger formally known as Sistertoldja) and Kierna Mayo – Editorial Directyor (she’s a legend in journalism, get familiar if you aren’t already).

Photo by Karl Ferguson

As I was saying, in a Sunday morning pulled together a diverse group of brothas at B. Braxton’s in Harlem (real nice spot, check it out if you want upscale professional barber experience … this is not a paid endorsement). On that morning we talked for about two hours on subject ranging from when we believed we became a man to the significance of the “black head nod.” It was an amazing experience that I pray we will replicate and I know many of you would have loved to be there … now you have a chance. Part 1: Manhood and Fatherhood is here and Part 2: Women and Relationships is here.

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