Peeking through my fingers

So the movies are some of my favorite things to watch, hate on, and critique (and yes, I still plan to write the review on Trouble the Water which was amazing) and sometimes I wait with anticipation. But not necessarily all good anticipation, half of the movies I see come out that I’m interested in I watch like a scared child in a horror movie, peeking through the cracks in my fingers as I cover my eyes. This past week, the trailer for Notorious was released. I really, really, don’t want this to turn out to be like Too Legit: The MC Hammer story. And before you say anything, I liked and still do like MC Hammer. I stand by my childhood idols, whether wise or not! Beneath you can find the Notorious extended trailer, how many inconsistencies can you point out? I’m already up to three in the trailer.

And I just found out that there is another movie slated for production. Rza is set to do a remake of The Last Dragon. I’m a bit nervous cause now they’re messing with sacred Black cinema text. Isn’t this like rewriting Invisible Man as street lit? Oh wait, did I just take it too far?

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