Questions the NYC edition

I’ve been crazy busy, so here’s a quick questions post… I’ll be back!

1) How is it that a Village bakery can sell “Drunken Negro Heads” and “Obama Face” cookies and not get shut down?

2) Shouldn’t Mikey B chill out for the week since when he shows up, folks show out? Shout out the Hyatt 7, hold your heads!!!! Thanks for giving voice to the voiceless!!! And I think I heard Staten Island Chuck say, “This is for Gaza” before he bit him.

3) I wonder what they would have come with in Legos if they’d done uptown?

4) I excited for Cam’Ron to come back, but why does his video look so budget?

5) I’m glad to see Poster Boy may be like Kaiser Soze, but wonder what would have happened if he was Black or Latino?


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