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So this is a post that is resurrecting the page. I have moved it off of my U of M space because NO ONE could help me figure out why it wouldn’t publish!!!!!! So months off, many a dissertation idea smashed, classes taught, and a few days from election day. That’s right, November 2nd, the time when the populus waits on more pins and needles than Boston fans this past week. If the sox can break their curse, then I think we can break this curse of Bush. A couple of logistics, the page is all white right now, yeah, uh, I’ll work on that later. It’s the Black words that really matter right? There is also plans to create a site that is similar to but under a different name at U of M. I’ve been consulting on this project and will keep you posted!! So now to some stuff that you should have seen by now and if you haven’t, let’s get on it!

1) Everybody and their momma is at it producing songs to inspire the young hip-hop generation to vote. There are two songs that are …. mediocre at best: the first is Dear Mr. President by KRS-ONE and company and Wake Up Everybody which is a We are the world type of song (which really means way too many people are on this song at once). You can give them a listen, but they really don’t compare to my favorite two new songs that both happen to be featured on the new Green Lantern mixtape. The first one is by Immortal Technique and Mos Def and it’s called Bin Ladin. The song is so cold and on point, the only issue is I can’t find a location where it stays up on the web. So google it and give it a listen- it’s worth the search!!!!!

The second song that is “rallying the masses” is Eminem’s Mosh. The video is getting major play, even on TRL!!! Ugh, yeah, who knows!

2) November 2nd is darn near upon us and the polls are close, we know that, but there is something more important than watching exit polls on the 2nd. Become a election site monitor. It’s easy and could mean a WORLD of difference!!!! Also if you can’t make it to the D for training the good folks at M Go Vote are doing training sessions on Sunday morning at 11am in the MSA chambers (Third floor of the Michigan Union). Oh and the Onion has a really funny story on voting, I wouldn’t put this past the republicans ;)

3) I have been writing for a site in the local Ann Arbor area for the past couple of months. The site is called Arbor Update. Confession is I’m an infrequent post-er, but when I do contribute, I like to say something that gets people pissed and commenting. Check it out when you have a chance.

4) This Sunday is not only Halloween, but is a very important day. At 6pm in the Michigan League Ballroom, there will be a memorial for Magali Padilla. Magali Padilla was an active, and I mean active, member of the U of M community. Gali was into environmental justice, equity and social justice at large. She is/was 100% bad ass and this memorial will be a time to formally acknowledge her legacy to U of M community. Magali passed this past summer in a car accident while visiting family in Mexico, please come if you can. I know she’s watching now and will be in the house on Sunday.

Aight, it’s late. This is a new post. Not sure who will see this, but I figured I’d get the ball rolling again. Break bread!

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