Who’s Afraid of Gender Bending Morehouse Men?

This morning I have a piece posted on theGrio.com where I discuss the response to the forthcoming Vibe article, “Mean Girls of Morehouse.

Update: the folks at theGrio are so dope and responsive that they changed the title of the piece. Salute to them for  journalistic and social integrity!

Morehouse College, my beloved alma mater, has again been catapulted into the national spotlight due to a forthcoming article in Vibe magazine. The story entitled, “The Mean Girls of Morehouse”, by Aliya King, traces the experience of three gender bending current and former Morehouse students. Before the article could hit the Internet or news stands the President of Morehouse Dr. Robert M. Franklin issued a letter to alumni decrying the portrayal of Morehouse. Franklin’s move, while to some may be proactive, is actually reactionary and misses the mark on the importance of the story. Where Franklin and other see the maligning of Morehouse, when I read the article I see the space for a richer discussion of masculinity, higher education, and community.

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