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December 22, 2003 · 0 Comments

Since my last commentary on Hip-Hop culture and Black youth has sparked a little talk, I figured I would update […]

December 16, 2003 · 0 Comments

Here is a great column on mainstream journalism and hip-hop culture (read: Black youth) by Amy Alexander. It once again […]

December 9, 2003 · 0 Comments

So apparently the Klan delivered a letter to the VP of University of Louisville demanding time to speak, complete with […]

December 7, 2003 · 0 Comments

Here’s a little update from two other campuses regarding race relations stuff. Remember last year when Bank One hired some […]

December 5, 2003 · 0 Comments

I’ve been under the weather, so there haven’t been any updates in the past few days, but that doesn’t mean […]

December 2, 2003 · 0 Comments

“Can you relate? We living in a police state.” -Dead Prez Okay, there are way too many things going on […]

December 1, 2003 · 0 Comments

Guess who’s bizzackl, nah it ain’t Face or none of those cats, it’s me. So I’ve been running around the […]