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Ann Arbor is in the national spotlight, this week in Time, due to the achievement gap between Black and White […]

So I was all set to go to Canada (Mexico, Venezuela, or any other place people could argue convincingly about) […]

Fun with Maps…

November 6, 2004 · 0 Comments

So there are a number of maps floating around the internet these days regarding November 2nd’s election. Some hilarious. Some […]

November 6, 2004 · 0 Comments

Somethings never change…  green states were free states and territories, yellow were open to slavery, and red were slaves states

November 6, 2004 · 0 Comments

Get it… ha, ha, ha. 

Say it ain’t so….

November 4, 2004 · 0 Comments

Life imitating art…?  So I’ve had a day to process the election and its results… well after a day, I’m […]

I’ve been tinkering under the hood of the site since its return, it may not look different yet, but I […]