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Cornel West and Carl Dix tangle at CCNY on Tuesday night.

Today CCNY will feature a lecture by Kwame Appiah on “Race and Genomics” as well as host a stop on the “Live from Death Row” tour. Great chance to think about race theoretically and practically.

I was so moved by the trailer to Social Contracts by Laura Rahman that I had to post it and write a post. An insightful clip of documentary dealing with issues of sexual violence in the Black community.

This weekend, October 17th-19th City College hosts the first CUNY Social Forum. Come out and have your voice heard and develop plans to make CUNY the university system that it was meant to be.

Ballot or the Bullet?

November 8, 2006 · 24 Comments

Well, it looks like Proposal 2 passed in the state of Michigan last night 58% to 42%. The passing of […]

So the big news in the Daily today is apparently Tony Saunders was ousted from the Black Student Union for […]

deadlines passing by. I can’t figure out where the heck my time is going. Sorry for my absence on the […]