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… In a month or so my ears are going to bleeding. Bill Cosby, Black America’s favorite father, has decided […]

Butter Nut Reduction.

April 10, 2008 · 0 Comments

Okay, so this video is pretty funny, it’s from SUPERDELUXE. It made smile.

I’m sort of in a different mood today. I could tell from the first time I woke up that I’d […]

but wait there’s more… Verdict: Wendy’s you are not Hip-Hop.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve really been thinking about my music consumption and how I seldom buy […]

So for the past few years nearly every time I hear Black men nearing a point of emotional intimacy two […]

That Mass Appeal

June 5, 2007 · 0 Comments

Remember when Gangstarr was talking about that mass appeal? I’ve always felt there were some rappers that had that mass […]

Aight, first thing’s first, I know there is already a Hip-Hop Appreciation Week, but I usually miss that and right […]

Nas’ song has been burning through my head as of late. Could be the late nights, early morning, the travelling, […]

A couple years back Rosa Clemente penned a heavy letter about Russell Simmons called Russell Simmons You Are Not Hip […]