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I like to laugh … particularly at people trying to break coconuts.

Mos Definitely.

May 27, 2009 · 6 Comments

Mos is back on the radar. Dropping a project and reuniting with Talib Kweli this week. I’m there.

Here are some interesting links on education research or education related things.

So you know you’re getting old when folks tell you that the “future” is coming and when you look to see what they’re talking about you don’t get excited. That’s been my feeling for the past couple of months when people ad naseum tell me that Wale, Drake, Charles Hamilton, and the list goes on are the future of Hip-Hop. I just don’t feel these cats yet, but I have to give props where they are due. I messes with Kid Cudi.

Today is Biggie day. I let the man speak for himself. Rest in Peace.

So I had no intention of writing a review of the new movie on Biggie, Notorious, but the reviews that I’ve been reading have left me with no choice. I will keep my comments brief and give you the punchline upfront. The movie sucks, if you have ten dollars I can think of plenty of other things to spend it on. In fact, if you were going to take someone else, you two can put your money together and get two snuggies … they even come with a free reading light. As a fan of the man and the music, this movie fell short from start to finish. When the movie ended I wanted to leave and put on a Mister Cee Mixtape like the ” Best of Biggie” to cleanse my eyes and ears of the visual catastrophe that should be called “The Worst of Biggie.”

Recently, I had the chance to check out one of my brothers weave his craft in the city. Marc Bamuthi Joseph is the truth. Read that again, the man is the truth! I have been familiar with Bamuthi’s musings and deeds since the mid-90s but his recent show The Break/s: A dream journal presented as a mixtape for stage, which headlined the Hip Hop Theater Festival demonstrates not only that he’s a great performer but that he is beautifully human. The battle for balance and transformation are beautifully captured in Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s piece The Break/s, more so than any other performance piece I’ve seen in years. Check it out at LOCATION until Saturday (1/18) in NYC at the New York Public Theater with Under the Radar or catch him on the road as he brings The Break/s to the nation.

Here is Skillz’s 2008 rap up … why are there so many versions of this on Youtube? And why did he hit it on the head with Nas, R. Kelly and the Inauguration?

So in bizarro world news yesterday, my phone and twitter started blowing up about the commuting of sentence that John […]

Ahhh… Hip-Hop

November 13, 2008 · 0 Comments

So I’m often frustrated by what plays on the radio… well actually I don’t even listen to the radio so […]