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There is a quiet storm brewing in American schools. While the nation is keeping close watch on health care reform […]

The Hope Against Hate

March 31, 2010 · 1 Comment

On Monday night, Tavis Smiley’s convening “We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda” aired on CSpan. What? You […]

Missing Malcolm

March 17, 2010 · 4 Comments

I recently penned a piece for the new website The Atlanta Post about the passing of Malcolm X and the […]

Note: This is a Partner Post to Haiti in Context: Voices. Please check out both. They represent some of the […]

This is my reflection on Imani: Faith… Faith is often thought of in a religious and spiritual way. Having grown […]

There are real dangers to Obama’s education speech for Sept 8th, but they’re not what the Right are talking about.

Do you know some Black birthers? I bet you do!

Cornel West and Carl Dix tangle at CCNY on Tuesday night.

This is a pretty good one that comes from the Root. It’s time we had a little fun with the […]

We remain in a moment where people are beginning to realize that the election of Barack Obama does not mean a Black political agenda, one in which race is central, will continue to be pushed into the public sphere. So the question becomes, who advances the concerns of the faces at the bottom of the well?