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On your morning commute

November 18, 2008 · 0 Comments

Check out the article by Jason Fink in AM New York (as one of my friends politely or rudely called […]

A declaration and dedication to Michelle Obama by Celli Pitt “Sisters and Brothers, the true gift of this election is validation and vindication of Black Womanhood!!
Everyone take note:

Barack has done himself and us a great service by marrying Michelle Obama.
Thank you Michelle for being strong and not diluting your strength.
Thank you Michelle for being highly intelligent and not dumbing down yourself.
Thank you for not starving yourself and not lipo’ing your curves away to fit “standards” that are not authentically yours.
Thank you Michelle for helping to make a great Man Greater.
Thank you Michelle for showing us that intelligence is the True Sexy– bling and oiled biceps can’t compete!
Thank you Michelle for speaking your mind and not allowing that ugly “bitch/angry black woman” label to fertilize itself– thanks for killing it on the vine.” Read the whole post for more!

Do I support Barack Obama? Yes. Have I donated to the campaign of Barack Obama? Yes. Have I canvassed for Barack Obama? Yes. Will I be voting for Barack Obama? No. Yes, you read that correctly. I am not voting for Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States. On November 4th, I’m voting with my political ideals, feasibilities, and hopes. Find out why I’m voting for McKinney and Clemente (click the full post link).

Burning the candle…

October 23, 2008 · 0 Comments

I’ve been burning the candles at both ends, but let this video motivate you to give even more!!!

Fanning the Flames

March 29, 2008 · 0 Comments

Recently I had the opportunity to appear on the O’Reilly factor to discuss the comment of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. While […]