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Byron Hurt, director of Hip Hop:Beyond Beats and Rhymes, has just produced an AMAZING short film on reaction to the […]

Here is an article that I penned for on the question, “Is college for everyone?” About a year and […]

A very peculiar thing happened last week, Willie Randolph went from bad manager, to bad guy in the eyes of […]

Jewel Woods offers a really good commentary on the difficulty of a national gender dialogue. Many commentators within the black […]

Carmen over at Racialicious compiled two great guerilla visual art campaigns by Michelle Schwartz and ResistRacism. The Canadian Club Whisky […]

So yesterday was an important day in recent Harlem history… I think. The new Indiana Jones movie had a premiere […]

May 19th marks the birth of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz b.k.a. Malcolm X. Since I first read the Alex Haley autobiography […]

it’s okay, that’s where they made me at This had me dying laughing!!!!

1) Why do folks think holding the door for me at Popeye’s or handing me a paper towel in the […]

Okay, I’m getting really sick of reading political commentary by rappers talking about the world ending. Not that I don’t […]