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By now, we’re all quite clear that “Hood Disease” is not only not an actual disease, but that it was born […]

At the close of January I was honored to write an Op-Ed piece for the Detroit News. During my time […]

A sacred space is disappearing from our communities with too little fanfare: the Black bookstore. Recently, one of the largest […]

Detroit is a microcosm of Black America. I believe if you cannot love Detroit, you cannot fully love Black people. The Detroit Metropolitan area represents the best and the worst that Black folks in this country have to offer. Detroit is under intense scrutiny as of late and the flashing lights of attention may have served to take the life of seven year old Aiyana Jones as a TV crew filmed a home-raid by the Detroit SWAT. With all the fascination with Detroit around the nation we get the problems of the city beamed into our homes via satellite, but it makes me wonder, is there more there than what we normally see?

Here are some interesting links on education research or education related things.

The Automaker “bailout” remains a hot topic and the conversation about it on the web and in the mainstream press […]

Over the past week, the media and everyone who could jump on the bandwagon of wagging fingers, frowned brows, and […]

Tune into WTVS Detroit Public Television tonight (10/08/08) to see me and a panel of experts discuss the role of race in Metro Detroit. The fourth installment of Bridging the Racial Divide hosted by Emery King and Paul Smith covers topics including black political leadership, the urban suburban divide, and the greatest hopes for Detroit’s future.

The Last N***a Left

June 18, 2007 · 14 Comments

About 2 months ago I was babbling on the phone about baseball to my boy and he said, “You know […]

Nas’ song has been burning through my head as of late. Could be the late nights, early morning, the travelling, […]